christmas lights wreath1200Color Book Wreaths and Stationery

Snow flake patterns make pretty cool writing paper on which to write messages and notes.

This section is for those folks looking for unique and cute ways to express holiday or any day sentiments. Drop a snowflake note into a lunch pail or briefcase to suprise your favorite person when they least expect it.

Write a pleasant line or two and send a snow flake note along with a donation to a charity. Have an enlisted person serving in a hot country? Send a cool snow flake message to bolster the spirits.

The wreath holds great significant throughout history. The shape of a wreath is a circle. Circles have no beginnings or ends, wreaths for every season may signify the repetition of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Wreath Ornaments

Write snowflake love letters to your special friend or share Christmas and other holiday messages to hang from the rafters. Use our to decorate your wreaths. Capture life's memories, use snowflake stationery for letters of holiday cheer.