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Decision Grid: The Question

What is the Meaning of the Word _________________________________?

Due to the variety of answers you may receive, this exercise should work best with small groups of 8 to 20 individuals. A larger classroom could be divided into groups.

Provide each individual two differently colored index 3 x 5 cards for which to write down their answers.

hand with stop watchthInform the group that once a question is asked, they have only 5 seconds to jot one to three words that come to mind upon hearing the question.

When 5 seconds are up, the players are to turn their cards face down and slide it to the person seated to their right, left or across, whichever direction is preferred.

First Card:

The first card draws solely upon an individuals memory alone to provide an answer to the question. Whatever the individual decides as the best answer depends upon their personal experiences, memories, and currently formed stereotypical paradigms the individual may have developed through the course of their lives, or what I like to call pre-conceived conceptions.

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