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Physical Attribution - the Answer

Part II

Finally, we come to the answer to the second question:

  • What is the meaning of the new word _Crystal_

At last we discover how crystal can possibly relate to the word rose.

Purpose of the Decision Grid

The purpose of the Decision Grid is to show how information processes from question asked, memory, analysis, thought to physical manifestation; the answer. 

Decision Grid Part II connects a relationship between your concept of a thing with another persons concept of an apparently identical thing.  Each individual arrives at their decision through personal memories, associations and experiences and creates decisions most meaningful to them personally.

One individual might have interest in rose gardens.

Another individual might collect gemstones.

No one knows which is whiich unless we ask :-)

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When all the cards are counted, arranged and connected, and the dust settles, it becomes easier to visualize how memory clusters may form in the mind and how memories interconnect between seemingly unrelated concepts.

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