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Virtual Processing, Part II

Each individual congures or envisions from within their own memories, thoughts and ideas of their overall understanding of the word.  Next step is to sort through the collection of thoughts to determine a 'best' description of what the word (question) means to them.

Knowledge, memories, ideas, (aka data), gets weighed, judged, evaluated sifted, sorted, kept or discarded through the virtual process of thought.  The goal is to decide upon one, "best," most descriptive word to answer the question, all within a five second time span.


Your mind congures up "Crystal"

what I know about crystal wordth


Spiritual power of crystals

Mom's wine glasses

The red diamond in aunties earring


Geode under black light

Jewel cut in rose shape

Clear mountain water

Clear color

  • anything inappropriate
  • ...all related memories rush to the tip of your tongue all at once to filter through the Plinko Brain maze.
plinko words mind breakdown1200

what I know about crystalwordchoice1200

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 ...Decision time, what will you choose?

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